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Bruinen Delta is a distributed, local-first database built for edge devices.


Each device holds a replica (or partial replica) of the database. When changes are made on any device, Delta ensures those changes are propagated to all other devices and merged with their state.


Our database is stored locally on the device, making it available without an internet connection. When changes are made on any device, those changes are propagated across the network to all other devices. You can also select which portions of the database are relevant to a given device, so they do not need to store the entire database.

For example, a microcontroller may only care about sensor readings within the last 10 minutes.

SELECT \* FROM readings WHERE date >= current_time - 10 minutes;

Edge devices

Edge devices can be anything - a phone, sensor, tablet, microcontroller or server. Bruinen is optimized to run on devices that may have limited bandwidth, memory, or storage space. It can also run on high-power servers.


Bruinen Delta uses similar technology to a collaborative text editor. This allows different devices to edit the same database and data, and can ensure perfect consistency - even when devices have been disconnected for long periods of time.