What is Bruinen?

Bruinen is a data integration and analytics platform that enables you to create a digital model of your enterprise known as an “ontology”. With Bruinen, you can integrate all your backing data sources (production databases, data warehouses, APIs, CSVs, and more) into a single application and model the relationships between them.

What is an ontology?

on·tol·o·gy, /änˈtäləjē/, n. Set of concepts and categories in a subject area or domain that shows their properties and the relations between them

Your ontology models the key pieces of data that make the business operate and how they are related to each other. At the core of your ontology is the object — a single row of data in one of your backing datasets. Objects are defined through blueprints (properties, primary key, etc.), and are related to other objects via relations.

For example, you might have a users table stored in a Postgres database, and a list of purchases stored in Snowflake. The users and purchases blueprints will model those tables, including properties (name, data type, description, etc.) and primary keys. The users — purchases relation will model how those tables are related together (e.g., users.id mapping to purchases.user_id).

Once built, you can view, analyze, filter, and perform actions and workflows across all of your data, regardless of the source. The ontology be used to create recurring reports and perform one-off analyses without having to rebuild the model from the ground up on each analysis.

Core Concepts

  • Source: Backing data source
  • Dataset: Single table from a backing data source
  • Object: Single row of data in a table
  • Property: Field on an object
  • Blueprint: Definition of the structure of a collection of objects (e.g., the object’s properties, the primary key)
  • Relation: Definition of how objects relate to one another (i.e. how those tables will be joined, including the join type and keys to use in the join)
  • Pipeline: Step-wise query used to transform objects and perform analyses
  • Workbook: Pipeline with additional steps for data visualization and annotation
  • Action: Create, update, or delete operation performed on an object