Adding team members

When you sign up for your Bruinen account, you will have the option to immediately invite team members. If you’d instead like to add team members later, you can do so directly from the application:

  • Click your organization name in the bottom left of the screen and hit Manage Account
  • Go to the Invitations tab and hit Invite

From this dashboard, you can also view pending invites and change the roles and permissions of existing members.

Bruinen permissions

When a team member is added to your organization, they will be created as one of four roles — admin, editor, member, or viewer. See below for the permissions associated with each role:

RoleTeam members and org. settingsSources and datasetsBlueprints and relationsActions (default)Pipelines and workbooks
AdminRead, WriteRead, WriteRead, WriteRead, WriteRead, Write
EditorReadRead, WriteRead, WriteRead, WriteRead, Write
MemberReadReadReadRead, WriteRead, Write
ViewerReadReadReadReadRead, Write

In other words:

  • Viewers can only edit pipelines and workbooks
  • Members can do everything viewers can, plus take actions (create, update, delete rows) on connected data sources
  • Editors can do everything viewers can, plus edit the ontology and sources/datasets
  • Admins can do everything editors can, plus manage team members and update organization settings

Note that the actions permissions listed above are the default, but can be updated on a per-object basis (e.g., if you want to restrict updates on a specific blueprint to only admins and editors). For more details see the actions page.

Planned updates to permissions include:

  • Detailed access control for individual users and user groups
  • More granular permissions on a per-object basis
  • Ability to create private objects, workbooks, and pipelines, and “publish” them when ready