What is an action?

An action is an update that is made to an underlying dataset directly from Bruinen. Actions fall under three categories:

  • Create: Add a single object.
  • Update: Update a single object. At least one property must be specified to update, and multiple properties can be updated at the same time.
  • Delete: Delete a single object.

Planned updates to actions include:

  • Batch updates to multiple objects
  • Action confirmations
  • API access to actions

Creating an action

To create an action, visit the Blueprints page from the sidebar and click on the Blueprint that you want to update:

  • For a Create action, hit Add Object in the upper right side of the screen, fill in a primary key value and other required properties, and hit Add Object
  • For an Update action, choose the object you want to update, click Update Object, fill in the updated properties, and click Update Object twice
  • For a Delete action, choose the object you want to update and click Delete Object twice — make sure you’re certain that you want to delete the object as it won’t be able to be recovered once deleted

Action permissions

Since actions update connected data sources, you have the option to control which roles can take actions on specific objects.

By default, the permissions are as follows:

  • All roles (admin, editor, member, viewer) can read data
  • Admins, editors, and members can make Create, Update, and Delete actions (viewers cannot create any type of action)

If you’d like to update these permissions for a specific Blueprint, visit the Ontology page in the sidebar and choose the Blueprint you’d like to update. Click on the permissions pane and hit Edit to update which roles can create which Actions for that object.

You need to be an Admin or Editor to update Action permissions