What is a workbook?

Workbooks contain all of the functionality of pipelines, with optional additional steps included:

Visualization stepAdd charts to visualize dataLive
Comment stepAdd comments to workbookPlanned

These additional steps can be placed either after the final step of the workbook or at any intermediate step. Unlike normal pipeline steps, these steps do not pass output to the next step, so any steps after a workbook step will use the output of the last pipeline step before the workbook step.

For visualization steps, additional “display steps” can be added to transform the input to the chart before display. These display steps will not affect the remainder of the workbook (the input to the next step after the chart will still be the output of the previous pipeline step before any display steps), but allow transformations to be made on the data to be displayed.

Creating a workbook

Workbooks can be created in two ways. The first is to create a workbook from scratch:

  • Visit the Workbooks page via the sidebar and hit New Workbook
  • Enter a name and optional description and choose the base blueprint to use in the workbook
  • Add steps (normal pipeline steps or display steps) to the workbook and hit Save Workbook when finished

Workbooks can also be built off of an existing pipeline:

  • Visit the Pipelines page in the sidebar and select an existing pipeline
  • Hit Options and Open in workbook and a new workbook will be created with the existing pipeline steps recreated

To add a visualization step, while creating or editing a workbook you can press Add Display after any existing step. You will be prompted to create a name for the visualization, decide which type of display to create, and choose which properties should be used for the chart’s axes.

If you want to add display steps to transform the input to the chart, press Manage Steps and add the necessary transformations.